Scheduled Maintenance

Duration: 6 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

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Todd Schlomer

The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


We will be updating our base infrastructure to allow for faster growth and higher availability. Unfortunately, this will require a period of downtime in order to perform this update. It shouldn't take longer than 6 hours to complete and we hope that it will be completed sooner.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will do our best to minimize this downtime as much as possible.

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Todd Schlomer
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Affected components
  • Member Portal
  • CRM
  • API
    • API v4
    • Integrations
    • Webhooks
    • Zapier App
  • Campaign Sites
    • Campaigns
    • Product Campaigns
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    • System Campaigns
  • Business Center App
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